About Us

Every city in the world needs an international bar, a place where language barriers simply disappear if not for an hour or two. And that's exactly what CC Cafe is to Fukuoka - the place internationals drop by before calling it a day.

The name CC comes from "Chuck's Challenge", a weekly challenge that owner Chuck Nakajima would give to his students, back when he taught English. His clientele grew to a point where hosting lessons in his 1-bedroom apartment was no longer viable.

Since day one, the concept of CC Cafe has been to build community by providing a great environment in which locals can practice their English and a venue where tourists can meet and drink with the locals.


Social Goodies

Meet The Team

Chuck Nakajima

Owner / Bartender

I shoot before asking, jump first and worry about parachutes later. Rarely is anything too hard, but nothing comes easy. Also, fuck parachutes.

Natsumi Kakihara


I'll talk to you about anything. I also have a legit day job, so no, I'm not looking for work ;). CC's my second home, and I just so happen to get paid to do what I'd be doing anyway!

Shiori Nakano


I'm very friendly and kind, which makes people assume I'm harmless. All you need to do to find out otherwise is call my exes ;). Treat me with respect and I'll serve you well!

Ken Ashmore


CC Cafe is the best. It is the most amazing bar in the world. It might sound like I'm getting paid to say this, because I am. They told me I'd be out of a job unless I promote the bar, at the bar.

Your Name Here


I am good with people, a hard worker, and all about making new connections. I also tell bad jokes from time to time, but my reliability makes up for it... almost.


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